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Everyone was so helpful and a wealth of knowledge. Greg will have my business indefinitely! ...More


They are always available to help us out. We are a company that needs things at the drop of a hat and they help us out every time! ...More

Expert Rental Equipment Advice

BlueLine Rental recently announced the appointment of Phillip H. Hobson as CEO.  Mr. Hobson will replace Scott Hall, who left the company earlier this month. Mr. Hobson will join BlueLine Rental from Mobile Mini, Inc., a leading provider of portable storage solutions, where he served as Executive Vice President, Operations. Prior to Mobile Mini, Mr. Hobson was a senior executive at RSC Holdings Inc. until the business was acquired by United Rentals in 2012.  RSC was one of the largest equipment rental providers in North America with revenue of $1.5 billion and more than 400 locations. “I am excited to join the team and look forward to working with customers, employees and other partners to help BlueLine reach its potential,” Mr. Hobson, said. “We have a tremendous opportunity to build on the strength and experience of the past while establishing our own identity and propelling... More

What changes do the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling bring to the construction industry? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has introduced a new classification and labeling system – the GHS standard. GHS is an acronym for Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling.  The new system promises to standardize and simplify communications on chemicals - throughout the world. Initially this new standard will affect our industry by standardizing our use and creation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).  MSDS sheets will now be universally referred to as Standard Data Sheets (SDS). But there are other changes to be aware of in addition to the new name.  In the past, MSDS sheets had varying numbers of sections and important information was placed in different areas.  Moving forward, SDS sheets will have a standard 16... More

Training is a large component of the BlueLine Rental philosophy. That is why BlueLine Rental stands behind a comprehensive training program encompassing product, service, operational and process training. Representatives are trained in the maintenance and operation of the equipment they rent, diagnosing problems with that equipment and online processes that expedite paperwork, allowing them to serve their customers to the best of their ability. Product and Service Training “Our product and service training is where we train our representatives on the actual pieces of equipment that we rent,” Tony Sims, product manager / trainer said. “We want to make sure that before we send a piece of equipment to a customer, our reps understand how that equipment operates, the best way for it to be maintained and how to handle repairs.” Although dealers for the equipment are available for repairs when... More

We have all heard the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This is true in many aspects of our lives.  But it is especially true when it comes to safety.  Whether you are talking about general health, home life or work, an ounce of prevention is key to preventing that pound of cure.   Preventing accidents allows us to enjoy living life to its fullest. Having to be faced with the necessity of ‘the pound of cure’ burdens us with unnecessary pain and suffering.  And in the workplace it leads to unexpected expenses for employees and employers.   Prevention is challenging but it needs to be taken seriously. Accidents can be prevented if we think about safety in everything we do.   One of many ways of improving Safety for all of us is just to S.T.O.P.   S         Stop and make sure that e... More

  Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting different results.  There is a lot of truth to that statement. So it goes without saying, if you want to change an outcome – you must first change the process that gets you there.    BlueLine is a relatively new company – but we have years of experience behind us.  To build a stronger, more profitable company we must build upon our past experience while incorporating changes into our daily routines.  But we must all understand that change is inevitable for us to move beyond and be more successful than we were in the past.  The safety department has already seen changes and they are currently being implemented throughout the company. These changes have been made to improve the way we do business which will benefit us, and our customers.  We are developing... More

The recent tornado outbreak devastating the south has affected thousands of lives. BlueLine Rental’s Huntsville, Alabama, store has seen the devastation first hand and they have been involved in helping people pick up the pieces of their lives and their homes.  “We were contacted for help by the local church, Flint River Baptist,” Cory Hughes, branch manager, said. “We heard about it and began preparing the night that storms rolled through. Anticipating what would be needed, some of us came back to the store so we could prep generators and light towers.” Located approximately 20 minutes from the Fayetteville area which experienced severe devastation, the Huntsville store was not affected by the tornadoes. This allowed the store and its team members to help others who were affected by the severe weather. The Huntsville Blueline store covers the area north of Birmingham, Alabama to Na... More

Goliath Debuts at Six Flags Great America in Gurney, Illinois To many, summer is synonymous with the screams and laughter heard while at an amusement park and watching – or riding – the roller coaster. This year at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, there will be no shortage of high pitched shrills filling the air as a massive roller coaster debuts. Rocky Mountain Construction is setting thrill records with Goliath, their new 3,100-foot-long wooden roller coaster. True to its name, Goliath is the steepest, tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world.  It hits speeds of 72-mph and drops from the first climb of 185 feet at an 85 degree angle into a dark underground tunnel – 15-feet below ground.  The careening rides’ hairpin turns, upside-down twists and zero-gravity stalls are sure to make even roller coaster aficionado gasp for breath throughout the 90 sec... More

I would like to congratulate the BlueLine Rental Q1 Safety Award winners and their safety managers who presented the Safety Awards for their regions. CANADA Windsor, Ontario James Brandon, Safety Manager I would like to congratulate the Windsor, Ontario branch on their outstanding commitment to safety. Domenic Bertoia and his awesome group of employees have really shown their dedication to safety each and every day. The team has worked hard to show both fellow employees and our customers that at BlueLine Rental safety is a primary concern. UNITED STATES – West Turlock, California Mike Henderson, Safety Manager The Turlock, California store is extremely busy and they face challenges daily. However, Turlock team members meet those challenges while demonstrating a strong commitment to safety. Their safety record during Q1 was zero accidents / incidents. Turlock is clean and organized... More

  Any business that has commercial drivers should be aware of an important law that went into effect on 5/21/2014 regarding commercial driver medical cards. It is no longer possible for commercial drivers to qualify for DOT physicals using a personal or unregistered physician. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a new federal registry of medical examiners that all commercial drivers must use to renew their medical cards.  If you’re wondering where you can find a FMCSA registered physician in your area check out this website:  You can also get the National Registry on an Android or iPhone by downloading the free Trucker Tools app from your app store. Trucker Tools has an icon that will take viewers directly to the registry on their cell phone.  If you have a current medical c... More

  I recently had the pleasure to attend a product training session held in the Texas by Division Manager, Kelly Ryan.   BlueLine Rental believes in product training so that our team members are well versed in the operation and features of the equipment we rent.   At the Texas training, trainees received educational tips from attending vendors and instructors from Bobcat, Vermeer, Wacker Newson, Doosan, Genie Deere and Romco.     The training was held on 120 acres, which allowed for ample room to move and plenty of dirt to dig.  BlueLine sales representatives had the opportunity to operate featured equipment in a safe and controlled area.  As I walked around the stations, I viewed sales reps digging and swapping buckets on an EC160, holding a jumping jack steady, raising palettes with a reach forklift, ripping and pushing mounds of di... More