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The main differences between towable air compressors and portable air compressors are size, portability and power level.    When considering an air compressor, you’ll need to choose one that meets the needs of the tools you’ll be using on the job – and it wouldn’t hurt to get a compressor that gives you a little extra power than you actually need.   A towable air compressor will allow you a higher amount of CFM or cubic-feet-per-minute of pressure.   Other differences are that portable air compressors are available in gas and electric and towable air compressors are powered by diesel.    Not knowing enough specifics about your job, it’s hard for me to gauge which air compressor would be best for your situation. But if you have any questions on... Read More
  In this economy everyone is looking for ways to cut back on costs.  But before you can cut back on costs you need to know what those costs are.  The Engineering ToolBox has published a concise way to calculate the yearly costs of your air compressors.       Check it out at:   Read More