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Be safe this holiday season - and always

Fri 2012-12-28 9:38:03 | by , VP Sales & Marketing

I'd like to share with you a story that BlueLine Rental Regional Safety Manager recently shared with the BlueLine Rental team.  It underscores the importance of being safe during the holiday season - and always.


Gregg Johanesson, Regional Safety Manager

It’s that time of the year again…the time when we all think of the upcoming holidays.  With so much on our minds as we approach this holiday season, it is important that we remember to stay focused on safety.  It’s easy to get lost in our thoughts around this time of year, when we do, accidents happen.

Being involved in safety for over 20 years, I have investigated a handful of accidents.  Any accident is bad; however, the accidents that happen around the holiday season seem to stir emotions a little more than usual.  Some years ago I investigated a fatal accident on the waterfront.  The accident occurred mid-December.  It was someone that I met a few times and I knew as an employee. When I finished my reports at the hospital I was heading out as the family arrived. They knew who I was by my identification tag and the company jacket I wore.  A young girl in her 20’s stopped me and asked, “Where is my father?”  Holding back my emotions, I led her and her family to the area where they could meet with his doctors.

When the doctor noticed that I had returned, he was well aware of who was with me so he immediately joined us. I stayed with the family as the doctor told them about the passing of their family member. Except for his daughter, none of the family spoke English, but you did not need to understand them to feel their pain.

Please keep your guard up and make safety a priority - especially during the holiday season – to ensure that we are all home for the holidays, enjoying them with those we love.  Keep your mind on what you are doing at work or at home. Make sure you don’t drive and get distracted, make sure you keep an eye out for the other person who is not paying attention.

There is nothing better than to spend good quality time with our loved ones, especially around the holiday season.  So please don’t get complacent, stay focused and be there with your family this holiday season.  Stay safe and keep this a season of joy.




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