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BlueLine Rental offers compaction equipment for every surface type: granular, mixed and cohesive soils, asphalt and sub-bases. We offer the most reliable rollers, rammers and tampers from all the top manufacturers in the industry.

When it comes to compaction rollers, our fleet offers tough and durable padfoot rollers for rough terrain along with powerful smooth drum rollers for parking lots and asphalt surfaces. Our trench compactors are offered in a variety of sizes to suit both narrow and large trenches and a variety of soil types. Trench compactors are different from other types of compactors because they typically deal only with granular soil and often require certain dimensions to work within the narrow areas of a trench.

BlueLine's fleet of upright tampers have set the standard in the construction industry for the most versatile and useful compaction tool. Rugged upright tampers are designed for maximum production, performance and durability.

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