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Diaphram Pumps

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A Diaphragm Pump is also referred to as a mud or sludge pump.  These units can handle up to 60% solids with a 1 5/8” diameter.

These pumps are an ideal choice for muddy water, sludge, or any water containing a high percentage of solids.

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Picking the Right Pump for the Job  Many times water pumps can me misunderstood and a challenge to understand.  Determining the right PUMP for your PROJECT is key and at BlueLine Rental we provide a full line of pumps. From trash and clear water to diaphragm pumps we are your source for every pump solution that you encounter.  Dewatering Pumps  Dewatering pumps are relatively inexpensive, but do not contain high quality components. The water being pumped must be relatively clean, containing solids up to 1/4 inch in diameter and less than 10 percent by weight of the water/material being pumped. Benefits of dewatering pumps include high volume flow capabilities and a lightweight, compact design. These pumps are best suited to pump unwanted water from flooded basements,... Read More
  When renting pump accessories you should know your options for accessories. There are numerous accessories that are available for pumps, however, there are a few that are common and should be available at all stores that rent pumps.   Washers and Fittings - Whenever pumps are rented, they are prone to harsh usage. The rental store should be prepared to repair and replace fittings, both on the pump and on the hoses. The store should always keep a good stock of hose washers for both suction and discharge hoses. I strongly recommend keeping several suction and discharge hose washers attached to each rental pump by wire or any other means so they can be replaced immediately when they fall out of a hose.   Adaptors - Adaptors from the hose size being used, usually for... Read More