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Need a dump truck?, We have 5 cubic yard trucks to move dirt, rock, sand, gravel, mulch, or other material to or from your job site.

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    Dump Truck 5 Cubic Yard

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GMC C8500 Truck, Dump Box 5 Cu Yd

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  In partnership with Schmidt and Swedavia, the BlueLine Group is participating in a field test to trial the world’s first biogas-fueled snow sweeper.   With German customer Schmidt, the BlueLine Group has developed a snow sweeper that uses BlueLine engines fueled by a mixture of compressed methane and diesel.  The test vehicle’s cab unit is the front section of an A25E articulated hauler from BlueLine Rental, equipped with a nine-liter diesel engine converted to gas. In the rear section a similar engine from BlueLine Penta is used to power a roller brush and a snow-blower unit that expels the remaining snow at a speed of 130 m/s. The snow sweeper will initially be powered by at least 50 percent biogas combined with conventional diesel. This can ultimately be replaced by... Read More
Water trucks / trailers are important to the construction industry all year round since the water they carry suppresses dust while preparing a construction surface. But water trucks / trailers are especially important in the summer heat when the ground is dry. In addition to preparing surfaces and suppressing dust on a construction site, water trucks / trailers are a source of water for equipment and they are on the front line in fire protection.   So what are your options in a water truck or trailer?   There are a wide variety of configurations. Here at BlueLine Rents we have water trucks (1500-4000 gallon) and water trailers (5-600 gallon). Depending on the application you’ll be able to choose from a variety of water delivery options. Those include... Read More