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Electric Man Lifts

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Electric Man Lifts - Lift, Personnel 20-25'
tomC.A.T. 24



Working Height: 29'8" (9.08m)

Platform Height: 23'8" 7.21m)

Platform Size: 26" x 26" (.66m x .66m)

Width: 35" (.89m)

Outrigger Footprint: N/A

Capacity: 350lbs (159kg) 1 person max

Electric man lifts also referred to as one man vertical lifts are easy to transport and are easily maneuvered and will fit through a standard 36” door. The battery operated vertical lifts provide an economical solution for many jobs. These units range in height from 15’ to 41’ and platform capacities up to 350lbs. We understand, your job is important to us. You have a deadline, no matter how difficult the job or what the conditions are, your job must be completed on time and BlueLine Rental will be there. At BlueLine Rental, we work for you!

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It’s hard to believe with the weather still plunging in many parts of the United States, but spring is on the way and for many trees – it’s almost time to begin pruning.  The best time to prune a tree is late winter, when a tree is still dormant. Trees get pruned for cosmetic and safety reasons. Depending on exactly what you are looking to do to your trees, you may consider hiring experts for the job.  A licensed arborist is experienced at removing full sized limbs safely and correctly. If you’re doing it yourself, and you’re not an experienced tree climber, or if the tree is extremely large – the first thing to do is rent a lift.  A 30’ lift that is towed behind a truck or a self propelled boom lift with heights from 40-60 feet should do the job getting you to the top of... Read More
  Not a problem. You can use an electric man lift or an electric scissor lift – depending on your needs. An electric man lift is portable and compact. You won’t have a problem getting it through a standard doorway and its got a small footprint. You can also use an electric scissor lift for indoor work. It’s a bigger piece of equipment but you’ll have the ability to fit more than one person and even some decorations because the scissor lift gives you a larger platform or work area. Check with your local Volvo Rents expert at any one of our national locations. Bring the measurements of the facility’s doorways and let them know what height you need to reach. They can help you decide what lift can best meet your needs. Then go ahead – deck those halls! Read More