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Ground Heaters

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Portable ground heaters are used for frost prevention, thawing and air heat applications.

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    Ground Heater 385K BTU E3000

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Wacker S 3000 Ground Heater

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All around the United States this year’s weather has been unpredictable at best. That’s why on construction sites you need the upper hand on Mother Nature. BlueLine Rental can outfit your project with a wide range of indirect fired heaters that can help keep your construction projects on schedule regardless of the weather. Looking for a skid-mounted heater or a self-contained mobile heater for your site? Or maybe you need the ability to use both diesel and natural gas/propane. We’ve got you covered. Contact your local BlueLine Rental expert to see what equipment you could use on your next project and stay a few steps ahead of Mother Nature. Read More
With winter here, portable heaters are in demand.  Portable heaters are versatile, providing heat and drying applications when and where you need it. They are used on various types of construction sites and workplaces. What should you be looking for?  When choosing a heating source be sure to check fuel capacity, fuel consumption, BTU ratings and electrical requirements.  Diesel heaters with BTU ratings that range form 150K to 600K can meet very demanding job situations.  Also, look for a fuel tank large enough to provide you with the hours of heat you require. Ask how long you can expect the unit you are using to operate on a tank of fuel. And don’t forget to make sure that your job site can meet the electrical requirements necessary to run the machine.... Read More