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Homes For Our Troops

Volvo Rents is proud to support Homes for Our Troops.

Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) is a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004. Their mission is to serve severely injured or disabled troops who have returned home from foreign since September 11, 2001. HFOT raises monetary, building materials and professional labor donations and turns those donations into specially adapted homes given at no cost to our veterans. These homes are designed to give to disabled vets the ability to live independently. 


Join the Mission


As part of the Color for a Cause initiative, select Volvo Rents locations carry equipment painted with 

stars and stripes bearing the Homes for Our Troops logo; 20% of the applicable daily rate from that equipment’s rental is donated to the charity.

You can also donate directly to Homes for Our Troops by click here. To learn more, visit 


About Homes for Our Troops


Many veterans are returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with life-altering injuries sustained while defending our country overseas. The injuries include the loss of one or more limbs, varying levels of paralysis and traumatic brain injury. Some veterans also return with blindness, deafness, or with severe burns. These men and women must now re-learn skills often taken for granted, like walking, getting dressed, eating and talking. They may be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives or may need to utilize a wheelchair when they are unable to walk on their prosthetics. Their homes are no longer a place of comfort, but rather room after room filled with barriers that make the simplest tasks difficult, if not impossible. These American heroes need specially adapted homes that will allow them to regain their independence and help them and their families rebuild their lives. It’s the least Homes for Our Troops can do.


What is a Specially Adapted Home?

Homes for Our Troops specially adapted homes go beyond ADA compliance. They feature single-level, open floor plans, roll-in showers, roll-under cooktops and sinks, and other standard accessibility items. Depending on the severity of the injury suffered by the veteran, the homes may also include specialized items including lift systems, keyless door entry, and voice activation controls. Key fact:
an eligible veteran or service member may receive a Veterans Administration Specially Adapted Housing Grant up to a maximum amount of $63,780. Homes for Our Troops assistance covers all costs over and above this grant and they work closely with the VA to ensure that when their resources are combined, the home is provided at no cost to the Veteran.


Our Building Partners: In Their Own Words


“I can tell you this much, every contractor and supplier was grateful to be a part of this build job and they can now testify it is better to give than receive... Southeast Michigan has been hit very hard by the housing and automotive downturn in the economy... by doing this home many builder/ contractor/ supplier associations rallied together....this was the most rewarding home I have ever been a part of building.” - Sam Palazzolo of Palazzolo Brothers, General Contractor for SPC Alex Knapp’s home in Macomb, Michigan


“(Personnel from) Homes for our Troops and Atlantic Builders plus tons of people    donating their time and resources to build Steve’s house. Can’t begin to describe the love, camaraderie, and generally great attitude everyone brought to the build. It was a wonderful experience.” - Atlantic Builders, General Contractor for Sgt Steven Kiernan’s home in Fredericksburg, Virginia


“The Travis Wood home was a success in every meaningful way---the quality, the level of donor generosity, and teamwork. We are so happy to have been a part of it.” - Brian Nichols of Nichols Building, LLC , General Contractor for SGT Travis Wood’s home in Cedar City, Utah


Watch these Homes for Our Troops videos to experience the impact of an HFOT Build Brigade and a HFOT Key Ceremony:

Click Here to View Texas 3-Star Build Brigade

Click Here to View Texas 3-Star Key Ceremony 



Volvo Rents is licensed to use Homes for Our Troops’ trademarks and logos. Homes for Our Troops does not endorse products. Visit or contact your state attorney general for financial information about Homes for Our Troops. Your rental amount is not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. The maximum  donation to Homes for Our Troops in connection with Color for a Cause will be $50,000.