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Fri 2012-12-14 7:56:23 | by



As the world’s largest consumer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Japan is dependent on imports to meet their demand.


According to research by Industrial Info Resources, located in Sugar Land, Texas, the United States will be supplying as much as 8% of Japan’s natural gas after 2017.

Since Japan’s earthquake and tsunami last year, much nuclear power generation capacity has been lost and Japan’s power companies have been turning to fossil fuel sources.


Dominion Resources in Richmond, Virginia signed an agreement with Tokyo Gas and Sumitomo to supply Japan LNG once the liquefaction plant addition at their Cove Point import terminal is complete.  Completion is expected in 2017.  Additionally, Freeport LNG Expansion Limited Partnership under Conoco Phillips signed a deal with Osaka Gas and Chuden to supply those firms from their proposed LNG liquefaction and loading facility in Texas. Completion is expected there by the end of 2016.


For more information and to read the story in its completion log on to Industrial Info Resources at:





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