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Light Cart Portable - 1 1500-Watt Bulb

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A portable light cart comes equipped with two 1000-watt metal flood light fixtures mounted on a 2-wheel cart. These carts are adjustable, telescoping fixture support with the ability to adjust your working height from 7 to 12 feet.

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To alleviate construction related delays, there has been an increase in night-time highway construction projects. If you find yourself working nights, you’ll be facing a different set of challenges than you would during daylight hours. One of those challenges is obviously, lighting.      Proper lighting must be provided to illuminate the work area; but at the same time night-time lighting needs to minimize glare, not interfere with the vision of oncoming motorists and it should uniformly illuminate the work area.   Your options in lighting equipment to meet that tall order include ground mounted towers, equipment mounted luminaires and trailer mounted towers. However, choosing the proper lighting vehicle is only the first step in letting there be light.... Read More
  You have the lights for your jobsite - but that isn't all you'll need.  There are several rental lighting accessories available to help keep the area well lit.   Extension cords provide the capability to place lighting equipment a distance from electrical power source but they must be sized to provide adequate amperage based on the length.   Generator cords and adaptors allow use of generator twist lock outlets (prevent plug from being pulled out) with regular 3 prong u-ground plugs and they extend twist lock connection capability a distance from the generator   GFCI plugs, adaptors and boxes provide ground fault circuit protection to improve jobsite safety.   Power distribution centers increase the number of circuits available from a single power source... Read More