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  This is a good time to review the North American Standard Cargo Securement Rules.  Adhering to these rules can keep you, your cargo and others on the road safe.    We’ve all heard of the 10-foot rule for securing cargo.  This rule addresses the amount of tiedowns required for cargo and the locations where those tiedowns should be situated. Basically, the rule requires at least one tiedown for every 10-feet of cargo. However, there are situations where additional tiedowns are necessary.    The North American Standard Cargo Securement Rules takes into consideration the weight of the load you are transporting. As such, it is required to use enough tiedowns so that the combined working load limit (WLL) is equal to at least one-half the weight of the... Read More
  A recent article in Industrial Info Resources, reported by Annette Kreuger, stated that the final construction tally is in for 2011, and they say that the numbers are encouraging.   “Despite the myriad challenges facing the Pharmaceutical-Biotech Industry as it continues its massive reorganization, the sector managed to kick off construction on $12.1 billion in capital and maintenance projects in 2011. That amount was divided among the 702 projects that made it into active construction. This number may possibly go even higher, as new projects are uncovered that began construction in 2011 and still have opportunities remaining.”   For more details or to view the entire article, you can subscribe to Industrial Info's Premium Industry News at Read More