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  Consider using a Georgia Buggy.  You may have heard of concrete or material buggies – they’re the same thing.  Many people use these buggies to move concrete and mortar around on a site that has space restrictions.   They’re great to haul around anything that’s too heavy to carry easily.  And contents of the buggy are easily dumped, so there’s no lifting there either.   These convenient little buggies are great to use for various different types of applications e.g. landscaping, demolition, construction.  So if the area you are working in is to tight to use a skid steer – consider the Georgia Buggy. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact a BlueLine Rental expert at any of our locations.  We’re happy to help. Read More
HOME IMPROVEMENT: BUILDING A RETAINING WALLThere are many DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECTS that many homeowners may leave to the EXPERTS.  But when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your back yard with a retaining wall, you might take this one on by yourself.  At BlueLine Rental, it is our purpose to take care of you EVERY STEP of the way.  From concept to construction, we are your 'FRIENDLY' source to equip and educate you no matter what your project might be.  Constructing a stone and mortar retaining wall in your garden is an easy way to incorporate dimension and architecture into your landscaping.Step 1: PREPARATION Choose the location to build a stone and mortar retaining wall and use landscape marking spray paint to outline the location and shape of the rock wall. Use... Read More