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True Blue - BlueLine Rental Works for You

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BlueLine Rent's True Blue Campaign
It’s a weathered face, a working man’s face, a BlueLine Rental customer, sincerely speaking about his business needs – and who meets them.

The underlying message of the new True Blue campaign is of, a trusted company, safe, affordable machinery brought to our customers with superior quality and service.  But the campaign has shifted from product driven to customer driven.

The new campaign still highlights the attributes of BlueLine Rental and the benefits of being a BlueLine Rental customer – but now it’s not us talking – it’s the customer. And we’re listening.

Instead of us telling them what we can bring to the table – they tell us how we meet their needs. 
 “BlueLine Works for Me”

We realize that the business we’re all is difficult – and even more difficult today.  Everyone has to work harder than they ever did.  We’re bringing authenticity and reality to the playing field. It’s part of the connection that we’re building with our customers. 

We feel your pain and we’re going to do everything we can to make it easier for you and your crew. “We know what it means to work hard”.

We have evolved our company reputation to one that listens to and truly relates to our hard working customers. BlueLine Rental helps you to get the job done because
"BlueLine Rental Works for You."