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Tue 2012-11-27 2:36:01 | by , VP Sales & Marketing

Volvo Construction Equipment Services is a new Doosan, formerly Ingersoll Rand, Portable Power products dealer in Texas. At each of their Doosan locations in Houston and Arlington, Texas, BlueLine CES offers a construction equipment service center, a full line of replacement/maintenance parts, and a sales department offering Doosan Portable Generators, Portable Air Compressors, and Portable Light Towers.

Providing replacement and maintenance parts for Doosan and Ingersoll Rand construction equipment is our specialty. BlueLine CES carries most of the parts contractors need in stock. If we don’t have your parts in stock, we can locate the Doosan parts you need have them available to you in only a few days.

It is not easy to find qualified mechanics in Texas to repair Doosan or Ingersoll Rand generators and compressors. BlueLine CES has service centers you can trust in both North and South Texas with experienced mechanics specializing in Doosan and Ingersoll Rand equipment repairs. Often times our mechanics in Dallas and Arlington, Texas can repair your equipment and have it back to you the next day.

BlueLine CES is one of the largest dealer of Doosan Portable Power products in Texas. We always carry an extensive selection of new Doosan generators and compressors available for immediate delivery to your job site. We provide new equipment delivery to most job sites in the Dallas and Arlington, Texas areas.

Visit BlueLine CES’ new website at to learn more about their expertise in Doosan and Ingersoll Rand construction equipment. You can also call either of their Texas locations to speak with a BlueLine CES representative about your construction equipment needs. Arlington, Texas location: (817) 522-0729 / Dallas, Texas location: (713) 681-9221



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