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BlueLine Rental -- THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT

Tue 2013-01-29 1:38:22 | by , VP Sales & Marketing


Now you can get the information you need with the touch of a finger. BlueLine Rental recently released the latest version of our free iPhone application. This updated version is optimized for the new larger screens, caters to the growing consumer demand for simplicity, efficiency, and a one-stop-shop for content and information.


The application offers material and support for customers, vendors, salespeople and employees in a comprehensive and streamlined application allowing access to product information, new models and specs for equipment, added RSS Feeds, and company data. The content goes as far as including full interactive manuals from different manufacturers, saving time for both customers and employees.


“Being able to access this type of information from a single app will be incredibly beneficial to our customers and employees out at job sites, limiting the amount of materials they need to bring with them and find access to,” said Patrick Farley, Manager of Sales Technology for BlueLine Rental. “We hope to continue developing the application and supporting materials to create the ideal tool for users out in the field and those shopping around for equipment detail and comparisons.”


Visit the iTunes Store for more information and to download the new BlueLine Rental application for free.



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