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Fri 2012-11-30 12:51:42 | by , VP Core Values, Processes & Systems


Winter arrives on December 21, 2012.   The winter season, which can come early or late, gives us all challenges.  However, it arrives at the same time each year – allowing us all enough time to properly prepare ourselves to safely get through the season. 


No matter where you live - New York, Arizona, Colorado, Canada, Puerto Rico, or anywhere in between - we are all subject to winter conditions.  Every area has different exposures. Freezing temperatures, high flood plains, wet or snowy roads and other conditions can catch any of us off guard if we are not prepared.  Even though you may live in an area that is less affected by winter you or your family and friends may still be exposed to weather conditions while on vacation or during surprise storms. That’s why it’s important to understand the challenges that winter can produce.  The recent storm in the East is a great example of the need to be prepared for the expected and the unexpected.


I would like to share some safety tips with you for when you are on the road.


·         Check the Weather Channel or local news for forecasts of storms.

·         Have a mechanic do a thorough inspection of all mechanical parts and fluids in your vehicle. Have them check the battery, lights, wipers, thermostat, ignition system, heater, brakes and engine.

·         Check your tires and be sure you have a good spare! Carry chains and know how to use them.

·         Battery cables are a must.


·         Have a window scraper and a broom for clearing snow.

·         Maintain a half tank of gas at all times in the event you get stuck.

·         Always pay attention to the local weather warning station signs that are     usually posted along highways in high volume storm areas.

·         Travel during daylight and have a plan.

·          Make Hotel Reservations early. Hotels will sell out quickly during a road closure.

·         Carry blankets, heat packs and extra layers of clothing with you. Include hats, scarves, jackets and gloves.

·         Carry extra food and water.

·         Carry a flashlight, matches and battery operated lanterns or flares.

·         Have a First Aid Kit and any medications you or your family may need. Know or have someone with that is trained in First Aid and CPR.

Most of all – stay safe during the winter season, and always.




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