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  • I pre-paid for a rental which included delivery and pick up, and now I have received a second bill for fuel charges.

    Fuel is not prepaid, the equipment is inspected and fueled before each rental. If fuel is required to fill the equipment when returned then charges will be applied accordingly.

  • What are overtime hours on the equipment?

    Rental durations are divided into three general groups: daily, weekly, and monthly. Rental time is calculated by calendar days and operating time.

    • For a 1 day rent, you are given 24hrs possession time and 8hrs operating time.
    • For a 1 week rent, you are given 7 days possession time and 40hrs operating time.
    • For a 1 month, you are given 28 days possession time and 160hrs operating time.

    Should your operating time exceed the limit allotted within they daily, weekly, or monthly possession period a pro-rated overtime rate will apply. The pro-rated charges depend on the equipment rented.

  • Why do some pieces of equipment have a deposit and others do not require a deposit?

    According to our Cash Customer Policy, a deposit is only asked on equipment with an Original Equipment Cost (OEC) greater than $70,000. If the equipment being rented is under $70,000 OEC then a deposit is not needed.

    Full Cash Customer Policy
  • Can I receive a refund on the LDW since I did not use it?

    No, the Limited Damage Waiver is not refundable. The LDW may only be removed if a COI (Certificate of Insurance) is presented stating BlueLine Rental as the loss/payee of any damages or theft of the equipment.

    COI Requirements
  • I paid the rental and deposit with a debit card. How long will it take for my refund to show on my account?

    If a refund is due, the refund is issued when your rental contract is closed. Normally this occurs within 72 hours. You should contact your bank for details of how refunds are processed.

  • I was quoted a price for a rental and when I received my bill it was higher.

    Contact the branch from which you rented the equipment for an explanation of the charges. Additional charges may have been incurred due to fuel or overtime hours.

  • What is an Environmental Fee charge?

    In order to meet the equipment needs of our valued customers, BlueLine Rental handles potentially hazardous materials like fuel, oil, cleaners, and batteries every day. Making sure those materials do not harm the environment is an important part of our continued efforts to be responsible members of the communities where we work and live. Proper management of these materials and their waste by-products is expensive, but we are committed to protecting the environment and our communities. As a result, BlueLine Rental spends millions of dollars annually on good practice solutions to prevent impacts to our environment and maintaining compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.

    The environmental fee is NOT a government mandated tax or fee. The environmental fee is our fee designed to offset a wide range of environmental expenses (direct and indirect). Expenses may include waste disposal, construction/maintenance of cleaning facilities, acquisition of more fuel efficient equipment, labor costs, administrative costs, etc. This fee is not designed for any particular purpose or placed in an escrow account. It becomes part of BlueLine Rental’s revenue and is used at our discretion. This fee is added to each piece of rental equipment identified as having a potential for environmental impact.

    Without proper management, environmental impacts could occur as a result of cleaning the equipment after each rental, fuel handling, disposal of shop waste, and numerous other routine procedures. To minimize these impacts to the environment, BlueLine Rental implements procedures including containing our potentially hazardous materials, treating our wash bay run-off/waste, and proper disposal of oil, filters, tires, batteries, and shop waste.

  • Do I have to pay sales tax?

    Yes, unless otherwise stated by law.

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