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Lawn Dethatching

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Lawn Dethatching - Dethatcher, Lawn



Horse Power: 5.5 HP

Raking Width: 22"

Raking Height: +1" to -1"

Blade: Flail type

Over time dead grass can build up and create a thick layer matted of grass. This can reduce the amount of water or fertilizer that can reach the roots to produce a healthy lawn. A Lawn thatcher or also referred to as a lawn power rake can quickly and easily remove the dead matted build to produce a healthy lawn. The walk behind thatcher is available in widths ranging from 18” to 22” with thatching/raking depths up to -1”. We understand, your job is important to us. You have a deadline, no matter how difficult the job or what the conditions are, your job must be completed on time and BlueLine Rental will be there. At BlueLine Rental, we work for you!

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